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The page you are trying to access is restricted to approved CSPT Inc. members only.

If you have already submitted your application, CSPT Inc will evaluate this before you can gain access to this area.

If you are not a member, please consider joining the CSPT Inc.

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Join CSPT Inc. to access a great range of benefits and connect with the community.


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Access training resources

Access teaching materials for speech and drama classes

Feature in the Teacher Directory

Be listed on the CSPT Teachers Directory to connect with students

Receive quarterly news

Receive CSPT newsletter publication – The Quarterly Voice

Join the member forums

Participate in an active community of communication, speech and performance teachers

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CSPT Inc. Membership Application

To become a CSPT Inc. member, please complete the following steps.

1. Complete the pdf application form below
2. Send the completed form along with documentation required to support your application
3. CSPT Inc. will review your application and notify you of the outcome
4. If successful, you will be sent details to make payment of your membership fees

Your application and supporting documentation will be evaluated before your account is verified. Once verified, you will then gain access to the full range of member services.

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Full Membership of the CSPT Inc. is obtainable by any person who (in the determination of the Management Committee) is a proper person to be admitted to Full Membership for reasons including:

i.    being a practising or formerly practising teacher of communication, speech and performance skills

ii.   having teaching experience in the fields of communication, speech and performance skills

iii.  holding teaching qualifications in either communication, speech and performance skills which the Association from time to time recognises [e.g. from ACM, AMEB, ASCA, TCL or a diploma or degree or higher qualification in the areas of communication, speech and performance skills from a recognised tertiary institution].


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Associate Membership of the CSPT Inc. is obtainable by any person who:

i. is not eligible for Full Membership

ii. is interested in the teaching of communication, speech and performance skills or in the CSPT Inc.

Students of communication, speech and performance may consider Associate membership.